Writers Can Find Inspiration from Birthday Gift Ideas

Trying in vain to come up with a birthday gift idea for an aspiring writer? There are several options to choose from!

Most writers are constantly under pressure due to deadlines and occasional writer's block. Why not give them something to relieve the tension? A neck massager, a gel bag that can be warmed or cooled, an ergonomic headrest, and a good writing chair make great gifts which help to relieve the stress.

A blank journal or fancy notepad may seem a little old fashioned, but they're the perfect gift for those that love to write. You can get creative with this idea by decorating a plain notepad or journal with pictures of objects, people, or ideas that the writer loves!

Writing utensils also make an excellent birthday gift. Pens, pencils and even a feather quill can give a writer the inspiration they need. You may also consider buying a set of self inking rubber stamps with their name, company and address embossed on them.

Know a starving artist that would appreciate the royal treatment on their birthday? An upscale meal, tickets to the orchestra, or a gift certificate for a professional massage are all sure to inspire and relax!

Consider buying a reference book for the writer. A guide to writing their first piece or a book on how to polish their writing will be greatly appreciated!

Finally, check to see if their favorite author is coming to town for a book signing. You can purchase an advance copy of the book and accompany them to the store. What a thrill to meet their favorite author and get an autograph!