Home Accessory Ideas that Make a Great Birthday Gift

Sun/Moon Jars: These little lights soak up the day's sun and use the resulting energy to power the LEDs inside the jar for night time use. These jars are also watertight making them a great accessory for the patio or garden.

UV Disinfectant Wand: Pass over any surface to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The ultraviolet radiation can disinfect such surfaces as door handles, computer keyboards, counter tops, and cutting boards.

Solar powered LED Address Numbers: 2 LEDs soak up the sun's rays and automatically light up the cut out numbers when the sun goes down. Guests will be sure to spot your house!

Insulated laptop desk: Perfect for those laptops that have a tendency to heat up your lap. This birthday gift would be appropriate for those in dorms or with little space to spare for a desk.

Bonsai Tree: These beautiful little trees contribute to the calming effect by the care placed on arranging the tree branches in specific shapes. This art has been practiced for many millennia and is sure to inspire the gift recipient. A beautiful conversation piece and a welcome plant in any home!

Miniature Herb Garden: Know someone who loves to cook? This birthday gift will be sure to please any culinary master. Liven up their kitchen or patio with a little greenery! Fun and easy to grow, your special chef will have herbs all year round!

Self-chilling mugs: These plastic mugs house a cooling gel that will keep the mugs frosty cold when taken out of your freezer. Perfect for root beer floats or their favorite alcoholic beverage!

Tibetan Singing Bowls: Classified as a bell, not a bowl these beautiful instruments will bring peace and harmony to the home. Used in meditation and relaxation techniques, they are thought to be an overall benefit to the recipient's health.