Birthday Gift Ideas to Please a Woman

Putting together a home spa is a brilliant way to personalize a birthday gift for your special woman. A manicure and pedicure set, lotions, oils, a soft bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers are all items you can include.

Most women love flowers so what better way to say "happy birthday" than an arrangement of their favorite blooms. If they have a green thumb, think about buying them a potted plant instead. It'll liven up the home and provide enjoyment caring for it.

Women tend to be sentimental which is why a scrapbook of memories you have shared may be the perfect birthday gift. Article clippings, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and handwritten notes are all treasured items she'll love!

A gourmet food basket is always appreciated and well received. These gift baskets aren't limited to food however. Make an arrangement of their favorite DVDs or assemble a basket filled with stationery, pens, envelopes and stamps.

Practical and thoughtful birthday gifts can include a car safety kit. Warm blankets, flares, portable water, energy bars, and jumper cables are perfect for the woman who travels extensively needs a little peace of mind out on the road.

Women, especially moms, will appreciate downtime or being excused from a much dreaded chore. You can even include a gift certificate to her favorite store. These coupons have no time limit, so she can redeem them any time she's feeling overwhelmed!

Finally, get the kids involved! Arrange a time for you and the children to go to a make-your-own pottery store. You can help guide their little hands and create a masterpiece yourself! You'll create a stack of birthday gifts mom will want to put in her hope chest.