Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Special Man

For the man obsessed with gadgetry, a USB flash drive is a must have. These portable memory sticks are perfect for the man on the go and can be bought in a variety of gigabyte sizes, colors, and designs.

Pocket watches are a classy and functional birthday gift, and can be decorated in several ways. These include inlaid with jewels and precious metals, engraved with a gift recipient's initials, adorned with a picture of a beloved pet, or brushed with a classic silver look.

Everyone loves picnics so why not invest in a picnic backpack? For the man who doesn't want to tote around a pretty basket, this backpack will definitely have your special someone ready for a day outdoors!

Getting a digital photo album is a sure-fire winner. You can preload the album with pictures of your friends and family, sporting events or your last vacation. Perfect for any gadget enthusiast!

Gadget lovers will also enjoy an indoor remote controlled helicopter or airplane. It provides hours of fun at his fingertips making him the envy of everyone at the office!

Thinking something a little more in the realm of pseudo-spy accessories? A video watch may be just the thing. Available in a range of gigabyte sizes, this watch will have your man viewing his favorite sports highlights again and again!

As for the outdoor savvy man in your life, you should consider buying survival gear such as a compact portable grill or a hand cranked flashlight.

How about an object for his collection? There are many places to find unique and rare items such as flea markets and estate sales. Look over his collection and ask about it. See if there are any pieces he is missing and try to complete the set.