Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Do you have a special toddler in your life with an upcoming birthday? You might be struggling for the perfect birthday gift idea. Luckily, toddlers are very easy to buy for as most children love just about any type of gift but if you want your birthday gift to be a hit, consider these tips.

Remember, safety first. Be sure to choose a birthday gift that is age appropriate. For toddlers this means to avoid toys with small parts that might become choking hazards. Make sure the toy is not intended for older kids with well developed hand-eye coordination as your toddler is likely to become frustrated if he does not understand how to use the toy or is unable to manipulate it properly.

If you are not the toddler's parent, it is recommended that you consult with his parent before making your birthday gift purchase. It would be unfortunate for you and the toddler if his mother and father did not approve of your toy and took it away after the child opened it.

A good bet for a toddler birthday gift idea is to pick out a present that is related somehow to the child's favorite characters. It might be a Dora the Explorer doll, or a book based upon the Sesame Street gang; if the child sees familiar characters on it, he will probably enjoy the gift no matter what it is.

You can always rely upon the classics when you are unsure. Games such as Candyland and Chutes and Ladders have entertained children for generations and have withstood the test of time, so you can hardly go wrong when choosing a classic toddler birthday gift.

Buying a birthday gift for a toddler is not as difficult as you might think especially if you get input from one of the parents. Just remember to keep safety in mind above all else.