Birthday Gift Ideas for the Gardener

There are a variety of tools and equipment used in the garden. Individuals with a green thumb often go through several sets of gloves each year. These are relatively cheap to purchase, which makes them an excellent birthday gift idea.

Every gardener needs protection from various weather elements. A pair of rain boots, wide brimmed hat, or high spf sunscreen all make practical birthday gifts. You could also invest in a large umbrella or awning to help block the sun's harsh rays during the hottest hours of the day.

Garden accessories are a popular choice as a birthday gift for a gardener or anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Birdhouses, feeders, birdbaths, and rock ponds can house all sorts of beautiful wildlife. If you're feeling generous consider having a koi pond installed. It is a wonderful choice for any yard with its beauty and tranquility.

Take into account the environment, and buy plants accordingly. For a novice gardener, it's best to start with a few plants that are easy to grow such as peppers, root vegetables, and tomatoes. More experienced gardens may be delighted to receive orchids or exotic plants that require extra care or knowledge.

When buying the plant, take into consideration the type of fertilizer they will need. The more advanced plants will probably require special nutrients, to grow in a non-native climate. A worm bin/compost heap is an eco-friendly way to fertilize their garden. Toss all those food scraps in the bin, add worms and fertilizer will abound! It's the perfect birthday gift for those who are recycling junkies.