Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens

If you are not the parent of a teenager, then children this age may seem alien to you. You might not understand their culture, clothing, or music. Luckily you don't really have to understand them in order to come up with some cool birthday gift ideas that any teen would appreciate.

It is important that you give age appropriate gifts. Giving a young teen a present designed for a younger child is an insult to them and a present intended for an adult will probably just get shoved to the back of the closet. It is very difficult to buy clothing for teens so if you want to give clothes as a birthday present then it would probably be best to give a gift card to a popular clothing store. Many malls today sell prepaid Visa cards which are good at any store. This makes your choice even safer as the teen will be able to use the card at any clothing store he likes.

Most teen boys love video games but unless you know specifically which game they want or console they have, then your best choice is to buy a gift card at a game rental store like Blockbuster. That way they can rent or buy the video game they would enjoy the most.

Practically all teens love music but do you have any idea who his favorite band is? You can buy him credits at iTunes so he can pick out his own music and load it onto his iPod or computer.

Do you live close to a fun attraction like a theme park or water park? If so, your teen might appreciate a birthday gift of a day pass to the park for him and at least one friend.

Teen girls would enjoy those gifts as well but they might also enjoy a trip to a day spa or beauty salon for some pampering. You could make the entire day her special birthday gift by spending the morning at a beauty spa followed by lunch at the restaurant of her choice.

Coming up with birthday gift ideas for teens can be somewhat challenging especially if you are not the parent. It helps if you stick with gifts that interest kids of that age group while at the same time giving them some control over the final selection, that way the gift is perfectly suited to their likes.