Reeling in the Right Birthday Gift for Fishermen

Fishermen are exposed to many outdoor elements including the sun, wind, rain, extreme temperatures, insects, and other hazards. Long johns, gloves, insulated hats, boots, or overalls are great birthday gift ideas.

Is your fisherman spending most weekends doing what he loves? If so consider buying a pre-paid gas card, electric cooler, travel bag for his gear, or an updated tackle box with lots of goodies inside. You can also make his trip a little more comfortable with a tent, portable space heater, air mattress and camping chairs.

There are several handy gadgets that no fisherman would want to be without. A sonar unit is particularly handy. It measures the density of the fish around the boat, the temperature of the water, and the depth of water. He can then use this information to determine the best fishing spot to drop his line.

Buying on a budget for the fisherman? A wide assortment of bait is always appreciated. You can buy an assortment of worms, spinners, a small scale to weigh their fish, or an electric fillet knife to make the job of cleaning and prepping the fish much faster. You can also include a thermos for the coffee drinkers or chemical activated hand warmers which cost only a few dollars.

Purchasing a rod and reel for the fishing enthusiast may prove to be the hardest birthday gift to get right. The type of fishing pole used depends on the type of fish being caught. You can ask the fisherman what he fishes for, although this might give the secret away. An alternative is to go ahead and buy the rod and reel but include the receipt in case it needs to be exchanged for something different.