Buying a Birthday Gift for Elderly Family and Friends

For the elderly with trouble joints in their upper body give a gift that enables them to be more independent. An extended handle brush, a body lotion applicator, or a reaching tool for grabbing items on high shelves all make good gifts. Elderly with failing vision can benefit from large print playing cards, crossword puzzle books, and address books.

Since the elderly often have trouble regulating body temperature a hand-held battery powered fan, a neck wrap with cooling gel, shawl, throw blanket or a pair of warm and fuzzy slippers make great gifts!

Also sure to make a great impression are digital photo frames pre-loaded with family pictures. You can also give them mp3 players filled with their favorites songs or a collection of DVDs of favorite TV shows or family home videos.

Time is one of the best gifts for elderly in assisted living centers or retirement homes where seniors sometimes feel lonely and isolated. Telling stories, putting on a puppet show, singing, dancing, or simply sitting down and talking with seniors will put a smile on their face.

For seniors who are able to attend events, a trip to the orchestra, theater or any live performance will provide great memories to enjoy for years to come. Most trips to the mall or large department stores can be overwhelming and exhausting for the elderly, so it can be a special birthday gift if you volunteer to be a personal shopper for them one day a month for a year.