Picking Out a Birthday Gift for a Teenager

Finding a birthday gift for a teenager is hard. The typical teen has watched hundreds of movies, listened to thousands of songs and played hundreds of games. So how does one get a birthday gift that competes with all the media dominating their attention? Simply remove them from the media.

Time invested with a teenager can make all the difference. Take them to a live cultural event, on a nature hike, or introduce them to a favorite hobby of yours. Consult with the teen to find out their interests and availability, and then plan accordingly. Sign them up for an extracurricular activity such as a jewelry making workshop, horseback riding lessons, organic gardening, or an activity camp.

Encourage the birthday teen to get active! A bicycle, skateboard, snowboard, roller blades, or comfortable walking shoes ensures they'll get as much mileage as possible out of their birthday gift!

Want to inject more educational activities in the teen's life? A trip to an interactive museum, a bird watching event, a glassblowing exhibition, or a science fair encompass both learning and fun.

Family heirlooms are also wonderful birthday gift idea! Consider constructing a visual family tree with pictures of family members matted and framed, or use a camcorder to interview various family members. The results will sure to become a treasure!

Skin care products such as lotions, lip balms, electric razors and cleansing items make excellent birthday gifts. Perfumes and colognes are also welcome by most teens especially if you choose the latest brand.

Their favorite home cooked meal or a birthday party at home are wonderful alternatives if you're tired of scanning the shelves at your local department store trying to find the right gift.