Birthday Gift Ideas for A Co-Worker

Co-workers can be a little tricky to buy gifts for. You may not know much about your co-worker's life away from the office so it becomes harder to come up with a birthday gift idea that is meaningful. You may just have a casual acquaintance but still like and appreciate the person and want to honor her special day. Here are a few ideas for a birthday gift that your co-worker will appreciate.

If it is appropriate, offer to take your co-worker out to lunch as a birthday gift on you. Arrange to have a meal delivered to your workplace if it is not possible to leave the office. You could also consider giving a gift card to a nearby restaurant so she could use it at her convenience. Most restaurants offer these today and they make gift giving a breeze.

Another good birthday gift idea is a pair of movie tickets to your local theater. These movie passes can be purchased at the box office and then used for any movie your co-worker wants to see although some blockbusters don't allow passes when the movie is first released. They don't expire for several months so your co-worker can wait to use them when she is ready.

If your office allows plants, you could buy a small hardy plant in an attractive pot if she has enough space for it. If a plant is not a good idea, consider other items which she could use while at her desk such as a new coffee cup or stress ball.

Of course it is much easier to buy a birthday gift if you are familiar with your co-worker or are good friends. Then you could buy her things you are sure she likes such as her favorite candies or a gift certificate to her hairdresser or the spa.

With a little imagination, you can come up with many birthday gift ideas for a co-worker whether she is just a passing acquaintance or if she is a good friend. Even though you may need to buy a gift that is a little impersonal, try to buy something that she will actually use and appreciate.