Birthday Gift Ideas That Wonít Break the Bank

Unsure of what to get someone special for their birthday? With today's economy making us rethink expensive, store purchases, the do-it-yourself trend is popular. The following birthday gift ideas are sure to garner a "wow!"

Plant a window box garden with small herbs or flowers. You can later dry out the herbs and put them in beautiful colored bottles you pick up for a few dollars at any large department store.

Have scrap fabric lying around? Why not make use of those assorted gems by making small, stuffed animals or rag dolls? This birthday gift is perfect for both young and old.

Is the birthday gift receiver in love with a particular scent? The supplies for making your own scented candles are cheap and easy to acquire!

Chore coupons are a cost effective and thoughtful birthday gift, especially for the elderly or disabled. Ask what chores they have difficulty doing, and plan your coupons around their needs.

Hand painted or fabric covered scrapbooks custom tailored to the receiverís personality is sure to be a hit, since many of us love to save mementos of special occasions.

Do you love to cook? Ask the birthday gift recipient what meal they would like to have or try recreating old family recipes. You can also strike out on your own and experiment!

Time is one of the best gifts you can give. Make time to do something special with the birthday guy or gal. Remind them how they've influenced your life, and reflect on the great times you've had together.

Finally, arrange to go on an outing that doesnít cost money. Scout your local area for hiking trails and lookout points. The exercise and beautiful scenery will be well worth it!